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People who say they hate pets but later regret it… See their adorable photos below…

Bringing a new pet into your home isn’t always an easy decision, especially if someone in your family is allergic to them. You’ll have to go to great lengths to persuade them to get one, but they’ll give you a million reasons why they don’t agree with your decision. These people, on the other hand, fell in love with lovely puppies and kittens as soon as they let them into their homes. These adorable puppies were able to quickly win over their skeptic owners.

We decided to compile a photo gallery of people who previously opposed having pets but now can’t imagine their lives without them.

Scroll down to see these adorable photos.

1. “I swear to God Gina, if you have a dog, I’ll kill you,” my father said two years ago. I’m not interested in getting a dog. They’re a lot of work. DO NOT Buy A DOG.”
“She’s exhausted,” Dad said today after walking less than half a mile. Her legs are quite short. “All I’m going to do now is carry her the rest of the way home.”

2. “Don’t acquire one, and don’t let them near me.”
“Quick, son!” said the father a week later. Come snap a picture of her sleeping on my shoulder.”

3. 2 months ago: “We absolutely are not getting a cat.”

4. “I don’t want another cat!” Now she’s grandad’s little assistant.

5. “It’ll last 2 weeks.” — My dad 5 years ago

6. “On his first vet visit, my dad-who-didn’t-want-pets comforts his nervous puppy.”

7. “He claimed to dislike cats and be allergic to them, yet now he cleans her eyes himself.”

8. “Didn’t want the third dog in the house, especially not a Pitbull. Now they share chairs.”

9. “10 years with my cat, and I think my cat is finally growing on my dad.”

10. “I am no longer seen as the family’s baby. My place has been usurped by Bruce Wayne”.

11. “When they first bought Nelly, my friend’s father didn’t think he was ‘bonding’ with her.”

12. “Four years ago, my father said, “There will be no hamsters in this house!”

13. “Dad didn’t believe the rescued chihuahua was a good idea.”

14. “Are you insane? We’re not rescuing a cockatoo.”

15. “After years of hating cats, Goblin the kitten seems to be settling in nicely.”

16. “I had a boyfriend who said he didn’t like cats. Dare I claim he adores him even more than I do?”

17. “For a long time, my father refused to let us get a cat. Before going into surgery a few years ago,
I became quite unwell and asked for a cat, and she’s now his favorite daughter…”

18. “My kid wanted to get a cat. My husband  insistent on not having any cats. So we made a deal and got two cats.”


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